Headless Society – A

Out now on Anunaki Tabla vinyl & digital.

Leonhard Huhn – sax/voice
David Helm – bass/voice
Philip Zoubek – synth
Christian Lorenzen – synth/git
Kenn Hartwig – gameboy
Dominik Mahnig & Thomas Sauerborn – drums

RECORDED live at ACEPHALE in Cologne during several shows in 2019 & 2020 by Headless Society & Viktor R. Gruen
PRODUCED, ARRANGED & MIXED by David Helm, Tape transfer by Jan Philipp
MASTERED by Railroad Tracks Studios

NEWS, a lot

It’s been a while; so here’s a little update to new releases etc. I’m very happy these things are out there now, since I’ve been working on them for quite a while:

DAVID HELM & JOZEF DUMOULIN – NO-EYED DEER (out on Anunaki Tabla, June 30th 2022) This record will also be released on vinyl later this year. Just recieved the test pressing, it sounds awesome!

I made two little trailers for this one:

MAREK JOHNSON – OWLS is out on Papercup Records, July 1st 2022. It’s the first single of the album „at home again, singing“ which will be released in October, also on vinyl. My friend Jakob Gengenbach made a very nice video for this one. You can also buy the track on bandcamp.

In other news I’m looking forward to play the opening night at COLOGNE JAZZWEEK with PLACEBO DOMINGO (Philip Zoubek, Dominik Mahnig, myself) + Ava Mendoza + Jozef Dumoulin, August 13th 2022.

Here’s a little something from earlier this year

Also excited about a show with Sam Amidon, Pablo Held, Andi Haberl, Ketija Ringa Karahona, Nils Klein and myself September 30th 2022 at the Loft Cologne, playing Sam’s songs.

Concerning the past I just had a great time touring the Baltics, Poland, Germany with one of my beloved bands OWN YOUR BONES.

March 2022

Hi there, 
little update:
Duo album David Helm/Jozef Dumoulin to be released later this year.
Marek Johnson album also coming out later this year on Paper Cup Records. Both on Vinyl. Stay tuned!
Looking forward to share all this music with the world. 
Thankfully some nice gigs in the calendar. Come by if you’re in the area:

09.03.22 Philip Zoubek Trio Amberg | Stadttheater
12.03.22 Philip Zoubek Trio Prien | Salon 21
13.03.22 Philip Zoubek Trio Pohrsdorf | Saxstall
18.03.22 Philip Zoubek Trio Köln | King Georg
19.03.22 Fabian Dudek Quartet Darmstadt | Stadtkirche
20.03.22 Fabian Dudek Quartet Köln | Loft
30.03.22 Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters Berlin | Donau 115
31.03.22 Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters Düsseldorf | Kunstpalast, Robert-Schumann-Saal
05.04.22 Wiesendanger/Arends/Ramdon/Helm Köln | Loft
06.04.22 Samuel Gapp/Fabian Arends/David Helm Köln | Freiraum
09.04.22 Philip Zoubek Trio Bayreuth | Jazzforum Bayreuth e.V. | Bechersaal
12.04.22 Matthew Halpin/Thomas Rückert/Fabian Arends/David Helm Köln | King Georg
24.04.22 Shannon Barnett Quartet Aachen | Nadelfabrik
27.04.22 Emiszatett Köln | Gemeinde Ebertplatz 
28.04.22 Emiszatett Nürnberg
29.04.22 Emiszatett Ulrichsberg | Kaleidophon Festival
01.05.22 Emiszatett Zoglau | Zoglau 3


This record was just released on Outhere Music. We recorded it two years ago in the lovely Kammermusiksaal at Deutschlandfunk Cologne with Bastian Stein on trumpet, Ronny Graupe on guitar, me on doublass and the Hathor Conosort (three piece viola da gamba ensemble). Also I composed two pieces „Lumen“ and „Jacob“; really enjoy listening back.