David Helm & Jozef Dumoulin

I've had a crush on Jozef's sound and music for some time. So after hiding away in a basement in 2020 trying to extract the noise that's in me through my voice and several instruments while the streets were filled only with hungry pigeons, I decided that it's time for us to meet Jozef and just directly dive into sound on our first date.

On April 25th, 2021 we recorded four sets of improvised music at the Loft Cologne. A place that I consider my second living room. In space.

I'm very happy to present this recording. 
Everything you hear is played live and it's the final mix, beautifully done by Ludwig Wandinger, who also helped me to put some pieces of the puzzle together.
It's not mastered yet.
We’re also planning to play more live shows next year if possible.

David Helm - Guitar, Voice, Doublebass, Electronics
Jozef Dumoulin - Rhodes, Piano, Voice, Electronics